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Mike Girardi of Stereo Times has just reviewed our PowerCell 10 SE MK III, along with our Element Series AC cords.


Highlights from Mike Girardi’s review:

“The PowerCell MKIII was not just a slight revision of the PowerCell MKII but an entirely different power conditioner. I believe all due to the incorporation of the Tranquility Base ground plane and the use of the Element Series power cable”

“I’ve never experienced this perspective from a two channel system in the last 10 years of reviewing. The space between instruments was nothing like I have ever heard”

“Top to bottom, the Element Series was a better power cable indeed”

“The tenor saxophone on “Sweet Bird,” just floated in space against a dead silent background. Over time, I found myself more and more drawn into the music as a result of the music being more pure, more truthful, and closer to a live performance”

Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE MK III

 “The PowerCell MKIII displayed all the same characteristics that I presented above (you name it) with regard to the MKII but on a much larger scale”

 “The soundfield projected into the room like I added two side and two rear surround speakers with the sound emanating from only the front baffle of my AZ Crescendos”

“The PowerCell technology contributes to the microdynamic finesse like no other power conditioner I have ever used”

Synergistic Research Element Copper / Tungsten AC Power Cord

 “the Element Series power cables provided a more holographic image with enhanced front-to-back layering on all instruments”

“Element Series power cables provided clearer timbral distinctions between violins, viola, and cello, with a greater sense of textures of bow on strings and the deep bass crescendos were more explosive as compared to the equivalent SR Tesla Series power cables”

“The Element power cable added its own mellow balance while adding to the three dimension reproduction of the music”

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