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Steve Plaskin at just reviewed our Tranquility Base.


Synergistic Research Tranquility BASE

Highlights from Steve Plaskin’s review:


“The first impression I had when listening with the Tranquility Base was an enhancement of the size of the soundstage”

“not an exaggeration or distortion of the soundstage size, but simply an opening up or expansion of the recording’s acoustic space”

“I was also able to perceive an increase in soundstage height… Turning off the Base resulted in a contraction of the soundstage with a loss of acoustic space”

“With the Tranquility Base off, the soundstage did not extend much beyond the speakers. With it on, the orchestra opened up with an almost holographic reproduction of Mel’s voice”

Synergistic Research Tranquility BASE XL with Esoteric Amp

“One could hear the air surrounding the instruments and singers more clearly with the Tranquility Base”

“Bass was also enhanced with the Tranquility Base. It seemed to be more powerful, dynamic, and better controlled”

“The Tranquility Base performed its magic without hardening or brightening the sound”

Synergistic Research Tranquility BASE conditioning a wireless router

“One other quality of the Tranquility Base is its acoustic isolation properties… the Base is actually two products combined”

Red Input: Power for Active Circuit, Green Input: Passive Ground Plane Connection and 2 Enigma Tuning Bullets, Gray & Silver

“The Enigma Tuning Bullets provide another fine tuning feature. The Silver Bullet is airy and very open sounding with a large soundstage. The Grey Bullet is warmer with less air and soundstage size”

“After living with the Tranquility Base for four months, I have come to the conclusion that it is an indispensable component in my audio system”

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